We use rocket science
to make your life easier.
We adapt to you, Not the other way around (like "you-know-who" where you need a degree to get started.)

We believe learning skills for 10 years in order to be creative is a thing of the past.

We want a world full of artists!
Our purpose is to push the
boundaries of what has been done before!
We believe in being innovative and not accepting the status quo is the way We will achieve awesomeness

We're not perfect and our software won't be perfect straight away but step by step this is what we will achieve.

we consider software design as an evolutionary process rather than a single-shot guess

And we invite you to get involved and help us to make our stuff reach total awesomeness!
Mathieu is the twisted mind responsible for this madness.
Doing Art direction, design, nagging great people to join us, helping our wonderful customers, being an ass on quality and ... naively trying to changing the world.

He used to be a creative technologist contracting for big mofos like Nike, Ford, Nokia, Landrover, Burberry... before deciding he'd rather spend time doing what he really loved. Psykopaint was born...
Mario (@Quasimondo) is the hybrid between an artist and a mad scientist.
Exploring new things, pushing visual boundaries, he always have some crazy experiments up its sleeve and a pathological need to Make stuff.

Mario is a superstar in the creative coding scene. Spreading the madness all around the world. His work have been exhibited in a bunch of art shows.
He worked at Aviary, and with Ze Frank. Know ScribblerToo? That’s him.
psykedelic dev
Alejandro (alias Li) is like a musical saw: A mind that is as flexible as it is sharp and it can also make crazy sounds.
  Free spirit, ph.d in physics dropout, open minded musician (Psy Trance & Flamenco), member of the Away3D foundation and creative coder at heart. 

Li is like a code hippy with less drugs and more action. He wants to get shit done, and will eventually bend the horizon to make it happen
jedi coding master
David brain doesn’t work like you and I. Nope.
My theory is that he comes from the future. Cause when we give him something impossible to do, the answer is «ok cool!». That is definately not normal.

David did some flash games and microsites before. He’s member of the away3D foundation. it’s fair to say he’s a sci-fi addict (i think it’s nostalgia actually), he loves maths and physics (not normal), and he’s just a star in the flash community.
Peter is the guy who prefer doing stuff than talking about it.
Peter is doing all the html5 and SQL stuff.

«Impossible» is not a concept that his mind accept.
Always up to the challenge.
That’s a rock solid developer on which we can always rely when the shit hits the fan.
the shader man
Frank always have the smile.
And he should. He’s a bright and handsome and cool and blond (not that kind of blond) skateboarder dude who can do complex shaders while listening to hardcore wobbly dubstep while snowboarding with his 2 hands tied to a....

But if you don’t know what shaders are: you’re shady.
A Shader is everything man! And he’s THE shader man.
We’re looking for authentic, brave and crazy people.
Check out our jobs page:

At psykosoft we are crazy!

We don’t believe in cold professional software engineering, we don’t believe in traditional marketing, and we don’t even believe in money making! (ok Maybe a little bit)

We believe in originality,
We believe in personality
We believe in emotions…

All those things are not usually associated with software. But we are not here to replicate the past.

We want to build software made for human beings, not robots. Software which adapts to you, not the way around!

Of course we use some uber technology and the most fantastic minds to do that.

But leave the rocket science to us and the fun to you.

We believe you love your family, you love your friends, or you love nature, or maybe you love your cute little puppy more than anything, or maybe you love the feeling of creating something?
And all that is what our stuff is made for!
We are emotion translators.

We give you great tools to translate your feelings into a painting in your own way.

You are a great artist.
You just don't know it yet.

Cause you never had the right tools to express your creativity.

We intend to push the boundaries of what has been done before!

Technology somehow has changed the life of people more than different government politics could.
We believe new technologies can change life.

We want to change the world. Other software companies would say we are crazy.

Indeed we are.
Wanna know more about who we are as a company?
What we believe and all that stuff?